Mixed Martial Artist

Tito Ortiz

The infamous MMA fighter and former UFC Champion Tito Ortiz speaks on Green Talk by Green Care Solutions! Ortiz opens up about his journey as a fighter, his use of CBD for his injuries, and the love for his family. He gets in depth about his past fights and future fights in the ring. This lion is on the prowl for another win and he has a heart of gold too! Domenick Nati of The Domenick Nati Show, joins in as a guest host.


Chanel Westcoast

Chanel West Coast speaks on Green Talk by Green Care Solutions! She speaks about her success on MTV's Ridiculousness, her hiphop career, and on her advocacy on cannabis. Her down-to-earth personality shines through the entire interview, as she explains how far she has come in her music career.


Ricky Williams

Former NFL athlete Ricky Williams speaks on Green Talk by Green Care Solutions about his journey with cannabis. Throughout his NFL career he was judged about medicating and now that more medical research has been available, we now know that cannabis may have benefits, especially with sport injuries. Ricky Williams also speaks about his new spiritual path and on his new herbal company called Real Wellness. #CBD #Hemp



The official Dr. GreenThumb, also known as B-Real speaks on Green Talk about his music, new shows, and about cannabis! B-Real is the lead singer of Cypress Hill. He is the real OG of cannabis culture.


Chingo Bling

The comedian Chingo Bling speaks on Green Talk by Green Care Solutions about his current tour, his Netflix special called "They Can't Deport Us All," and his over all success as a comedian. Green Care Solutions educates him on their new innovative products such as the canna-hookah!

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